Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Victoria, a new but dear cousin, has decided that she wants to go to Prom in a Courtesan gown. This, when mentioned, caused a few raised eyebrows, but as I've pointed out to the fogies who went to prom in 70's polyester:

1. I went to prom in Hot Topic medieval

2. It's her prom, she can wear what she wants

3. It's her money, I'll make whatever anyone wants for the right price

4. She'll actually be able to wear it again.

5. It is, again, her prom; she can wear whatever she wants. Within reason.

So Vic has picked this:

Which astounded me for several reasons, not the least of which being that this is a portrait I've somehow missed for the past three years. And it's not the typical v front ladder laced, which makes me unreasonable happy.

The dress poses a few construction issues:

1. Doublet? I don't know. It looks like it could be a doublet gown altered to be a ladder laced front. It's possible, since the Venetians also did strange things with collars as seen here:

And it is not unreasonable to think that the Courtesans, who were very fond of the v-front, ladder laced gown and were known to have, at times, worn pants similiar to a men's style under the dresses (the horror! the scandal! something between your legs!!); they could have perhaps adapted another men's fashion for their own purposes. Doublet dresses were also seen in Venetian paintings so that style has been around. For the same of argument, we'll say that it is indeed a doublet dress with a ladder-laced v-front. Besides, it's prom and I doubt the authenticity nazis are going to be attending a catholic high-school prom. If they are, they need to get lives. Moving on.
2. Given that the dress opens in the front but does not have a split skirt, I'm having a skirt attaching dilemma. I don't know why, I've made these before, I just need to delve back into previous projects and research and figure it out. It's a skirt, not rocket science.
Dress will be of very pretty black dupioni and will have to be flat lined because it's very very thin. I'm hoping I can get pictures up at some point but since my computer ate itself, I really have nothing to attach the camera to. Fabric or a new computer? I think I'll pick the fabric.