Sunday, August 16, 2015

A dozen (or so)

Pennsic is over, for another year.  We've just barely started unpacking and putting things away- let's not speak about the laundry- but I've gotten my new fabric washed and dried.

I have no idea how many tunics I've made since we've started in the SCA.  But somehow, when it came time to pack this year, I had three (one made this summer) and Adam had two, one of which is actually a dress that I way overshot on size and he appropriated.  Through the years, all our norse stuff has been outgrown, loaned and not returned or gifted to newbies for their starter kits.  It's strange that our viking wardrobe is so scant, as we're actually Norse personas, and not Roman as we like to pretend when it's 90+ degrees out at Pennsic.

This year at war we both got our AoAs, which was very exciting.  Since we've wanted to be more involved with the SCA for awhile and this year the mill is finally in a place where we can, getting our awards at Pennsic was an awesome surprise and more incentive to get our butts to events, which will require some clothes.  And since I've been on the archery range a lot more this year, I've discovered that dresses with bare shoulders in the sun whilst trying to maneuver a wheelchair, a bow and a quiver is not a great time.  My roman dresses are nice, but trying to stay covered with a himation while shooting a bow is a comedy of errors.  At least for me.

So...tunics.  I pretty much went into Carolina Calicos and begged them to take my money in exchange for a couple yards of everything blue, green and gray in stock.  And now we have twelve tunics to be made over the next twelve months.

My pile

Adam's pile

And so I don't forget what I meant to do with the cotton threads I got at White Wolf and Phoenix for tablet woven trims: