Sunday, March 27, 2011

Red Elizabethan

This gown was made for my sister last summer to wear to a ball at Pennsic.  As she lives five hours away, we don't get a lot of time together, so the first incarnation of this dress was made in one weekend.  After she went home, I took another look at it and didn't like the finishing so I pulled it apart and remade parts of it.  However, since it was worn at Pennsic she's lost a bit of weight and I think the dress will have to undergo yet another redo soon.  The bodice is now way too big on her and sags in places.  It also needs sleeves at some point.  Normally I would take the whole thing and put it in our group's newbie bin and make her something new, but Karen loves this dress and wants to save it.  Plus, she sewed the pearls and trim on the top of the bodice. 

The gown is worn over a high collared chemise, an Elizabethan corset and a corded underskirt.  I used Margo Anderson's Elizabethan Women's Pattern for the gown. 

Pearling on the chemise collar:

Hat and pearled caul:

The pearled caul is made out of chiffon and banded in linen.  The hat is a black velvet Italian bonnet made from Lynn Mcmaster's patterns.  The band is trimmed in antique gold braid and pearls.  The hat pin is made from an old jewelry piece I had and some red ostrich feathers. 

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