Wednesday, October 29, 2014


So I started this year's IRCC with the best of intentions, like all projects.  But halfway through July, when I hadn't sewn anything and all my time was being eaten up with mill work because all Adam's time was being eaten up building a house trailer for Pennsic, I started to have my doubts.  When I realized that as soon as I got back from Pennsic, we had a fiber festival to prepare for and I was tired of being stressed... I quit.  Sewing should be fun, not that nightmarish thing you dread.  I save that for trips to the dentist and getting bloodwork done.

But now the festival is done and over and we have Fasching coming up this weekend.  And the weather is supposed to be about 34 degrees, so my normal Pennsic garb of Roman chitons is not going to cut it.  And while I have a decent amount of generic Norse stuff, I had fabric set aside for some nicer winter clothes.  So I've been busy making dresses, jewelry and a coat.  Hopefully with pictures to come.

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