Monday, December 10, 2007

Men's Doublet and Venetian Breeches

This doublet and matching venetian breeches were made for my husband, Adam, in 2005 - 2006. They're made with black silk and lined with crimson satin. The men's shirt is white cotton muslin. The oversleeves can be worn either opened or buttoned.

At Adam's request, a sunburst was quilted into the front of the doublet to give it texture. To pad the sunburst for quilting, a layer of cotton flannel was added between the flatlining and the lining. There are double wings at the shoulders and the doublet and sleeves are edged in black satin cord.

The silk was machine washed with tennis balls multiple times because when it arrived, I hated it. It was way too stiff for what Adam wanted- he prefers that everything he has look as if it's been worn awhile and broken in. Like when new shoes are too white, brand new garb looks stiff and more like a costume than clothing, so I abuse everything that I make for him.

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Laurie Wood said...

What a wonderful job! I am going to begin sewing one today. Hope it turns out half as good as yours.